BIOL 701/801 – Plant Physiology

Knowledge about principles of plant physiology is critical to understand how plants work, and what happens between planting a seed and picking up a flower or a fruit. This course focus on fundamentals of plant physiology and metabolism using lecture and laboratory investigations. Lecture topics include: plant-water relations, mineral nutrition, photosynthesis and respiration, plant metabolism, signaling and hormones, growth and development, and plant-environment interactions. Lab will be project-based and students will conduct experiments to explore basic plant processes.

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BIOL 709/809 – Plant Stress Physiology

Plants cannot move in order to avoid challenging environmental conditions. Hence, plants developed other mechanisms that allow them to cope with stress. This course focus on the mechanisms deployed by plants to respond to stressful conditions, some responses being nothing short of chemical and biological warfare. Biotic and abiotic stresses covered include pathogens, herbivores, drought, salinity, temperature, UV radiation, and heavy metals. Agricultural and ecological implications are discussed.