In the face of a threat you have a choice – to fight or flight.
Plants, however, do not have the option to run. When challenged, plants can only fight.


I have been studying plant responses to biotic and abiotic stresses using an interdisciplinary approach with an emphasis on metabolomics. Specifically, I have been characterizing molecular and biochemical mechanisms of host-pathogen interactions (grapevine and pine diseases caused by fungi or nematodes), as well as processes involved in legume response to iron deficiency. Lately, I am investigating plant responses to combined stresses, as fungal infection and drought. One major aim of my work is to elucidate changes induced by stress on overall plant metabolic pathways, and translate that knowledge into practical applications. My ultimate goal is to improve agricultural sustainability, crop health, food security, and human health and nutrition.


PhD Biology, 2009, University of Minho, Portugal.
MS Epidemiology, 2010, Faculty of Medicine-University of Porto, Portugal.
BS Applied Biology, 2003, University of Minho, Portugal.