Jun/17/2020 – Here we are again initiating data collection on table grapes. However, this season the research tasks will be kept at a minimum due to the current COVID-19 circumstances. Wearing masks and practicing social distance at all times.
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Mar/18/2020 – Lab coats hanging and lights out! Our physical lab space on campus is shut down until further notice following UNH COVID-19 contingency plan. We are staying positive and doing our part to keep us, and the ones around us, healthy. Our work will continue online for the next weeks.
Jun/08-11/2019 – Attending the ASN’s Nutrition 2019 meeting in Baltimore, MD. Had a great time meeting with colleagues and planning collaborations!
Apr/27/2019 – So proud of my undergraduate researchers, Hannah and Madeline, presenting posters at the COLSA URC. Great job!
Apr/26/2019 – Incredible and diverse research done by undergraduates being presented at the All Colleges URC. Seeing great research all around really made my judging assignment hard!
Apr/13-14/2019 – Attending and giving a keynote at the 83rd Annual Meeting of the Northeastern Section of the American Society of Plant Biologists. Fantastic meeting to see lots of great posters and talks, and engage in productive conversations.
Mar/28/2019 – Supporting high school STEM achievements; judging oral presentations at the Northern New England Junior Sciences and Humanities Symposium.
Mar/25-26/2019 – Attending the AIBS Communications Boot Camp for Scientists in Washington, D. C., when the cherry trees are about to blossom!
Feb/19/2019 – The Lima lab hosts the demonstration of CIRAS-3 Portable Photosynthesis System from PP Systems. Thank you Michael Doyle for your visit.
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Feb/08/2019 – Meeting with visiting seminar speaker, Dr. Petr Smykal, and sharing research interests about legumes in general, but especially pea.
Jan/17/2019 – The first seeds arriving to the Lima lab!
Jan/15/2019 – Undergraduates Hannah Siegel and Madeline Young join the Lima lab this Spring semester.
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Nov/26-27/2018 – Visiting the El-Kadi lab in the Department of Animal and Poultry Sciences at Virginia Tech and helping with sampling.
Nov/05-07/2018 – Atending the ASA & CSSA International Annual Meeting in Baltimore, Maryland, and chairing the Early Career special session “Tips from the Experts on the Job Application and Interviewing Process”.
Nov/02/2018 – Undergraduate Jessica Hodgkins joins the Lima lab.
Sep/26/2018 – “Under the Vines” Field Day at the UNH Woodman Horticultural Research Farm. All about grapes and kiwiberries in New Hampshire!
Sep/13/2018 – Visiting Bruker in Billerica, Massachusetts.
Sep/10/2018 – Visiting the Woodman      Horticultural Research Farm at UNH and talking with Dr. Davis about his work with quinoa and wild Chenopodium species, and with Dr. Mahoney about her work with strawberries.
Aug/28/2018 – Attending the Grape Growers’ Twilight Meeting at Sweet Baby Vineyard and learning about pest problems in New Hampshire.